Some People Are Just Crappy Human Beings

I know we all deal with people that aggravate us on different levels every day. I wanted to share a story of a few crappy people my family has had to deal with this week. I won’t be naming any names, namely because I don’t have any names, otherwise I’d totally call everyone out personally.

Here’s what happened:

My wife, Maggie, had a slow leak in her passenger rear tire. So she took it to a tire place near our house we’ve been to before, Tires Plus. I mention them because they were being as helpful as they possibly could and we appreciate all their assistance.

At one point before her tire was repaired, she walked out to her car to get something out of it. That’s when she noticed that someone had side-swiped her car most of the way down both driver side doors. Here are the pictures she took right then.

It doesn’t look too bad from these pictures but looking at it from a little distance shows how long and hard someone scraped their car down ours:

That’s about a 3 foot scrape! Now it isn’t the end of the world, and it won’t affect how the car drives or handles by any means, but this wasn’t something that could go unnoticed by the person who did it. So here’s where the crappy people come into play.

The tire place didn’t have cameras over that parking lot, but the tire store employee said that the Lowe’s store did. So my wife went over to Lowe’s to ask if she could see the video. They were kind enough to show her and while it didn’t show the whole lot, it did show a white Nissan leaving the parking area right by our car at 4:36 pm. So my wife, Maggie, went back to the tire place who looked through their records and said yep! we had a white Nissan here that we just finished with right around that exact time. In other words its most likely that the owner of that white Nissan hit my wife’s car and then took off knowing they hit it.

So here’s round 2. The cops were called. Hit and run is a crime! And while it depends on the circumstances, even a minor hit and run that only involves property damage, like our case here, can involve as much as 60 days in jail and a $500 fine. This isn’t a small thing. Add to that our deductible is $1,000, and if we paid to repair the car ourselves it could easily cost much more than that. And Grand Theft in Florida is only $750. So if you look at it as this person has taken $1,000 minimum from us, for having to pay our insurance deductible to repair the car, that is now hit and run AND Grand Theft!

So the cops come, and they see the video, and the tire store employee says we believe its this person, here’s their phone number and address. And instead of an officer saying lets call them to meet and see if they have damage and black paint on their car, they decide to call the person and just ask them to take pictures and send them to the officers! If the perp was trying to evade getting in trouble for hitting our car do you honestly think they’re going to take a picture that shows any damage? Hell I could download pics of a car just like mine from the internet and send those!

And the cops took this person’s word that they did nothing. At no point did they attempt to investigate this any further than “did you do it? No? Ok, nothing we can do.”

I know all of this is circumstantial evidence, and if it were a criminal case it would have problems with not exact evidence showing them hitting out car. But its not hard to know who did it. They had the ONLY white car in the parking lot when the damage happened! And the cops really didn’t seem that interested in pushing this person to come forward and do what’s right.

So, while some people were very helpful, namely the tire store employee and the people at the Lowe’s store, the perp is a total a$$hol3, and sadly I don’t feel the police really cared that we’re about to be out a huge chunk of money we can’t afford.

People suck.

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