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This holiday season, 107.3 The Eagle wants to remind you that owning a pet is a major responsibility, and only to commit to giving a pet as a gift if you realize the importance of this responsibility. Here are some handy guidelines for responsible pet adoption and ownership during the holiday season:

A Puppy Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas!

Purchasing a dog is something that should never be taken lightly. The dog you are considering today is going to be with you for 8 - 15 years. No matter how badly you may want to own a dog the question that must be answered first is... is your lifestyle or your family's lifestyle going to be good for the dog? A dog is not an accessory of life, it has a life of it's own and deserves a life as good as yours.

Research Any Breed You May Be Considering

Great Danes and studio apartments do not mix. Nor do some breeds and children. Just because you like a particular breed, or want a particular breed, doesn't mean you should own a particular breed. For example - after Disney released the live action version of 101 Dalmatians, over 122 Dalmatians were put up for adoption in our area alone! People were finding out quickly that Dalmatians don't really have patience for children. Just because your kid wants a particular dog doesn't mean you should own it. Eight year olds should not be making the decision on what type of dog you should own.

America's Top Breeders Are NOT In Malls

You need to check out a breeder as much as you would a breed. A quality breeder will breed one or two types of dogs max and will have a limited amount of puppies at any one time. Never trust anyone with lots of puppies and lots of breeds.

Purebred Dogs Have Pure Bred Problems

Each dog, no matter what the breed, has problems unique unto themselves. Know what you are getting yourself into. Click here to read a PetMD article detailing problems common to purebred dogs.

Rescue Dogs

Every breed has a rescue organization. Rescue organizations are dedicated groups of people who save unwanted or abused dogs of a particular breed. Use your favorite search engine and add the word "Rescue" to the type of breed you are looking for. Most groups can be found on the web.

Here are some links:

The Humane Society of The United States Animal Sheltering Resources

Best Friends Animal Society

Rescue Central

Mixed Breed Dogs Need Love Too!

Some of the greatest dogs on this planet are A.A.M. (All American Mutt) Contact a shelter in your area and save 4 legs worth of love.


Whatever you decide to do this holiday season, please remember this information when considering adding a new 4-legged friend to your family!

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