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Come Sail Away - Dennis DeYoung podcast #38

Come Sail Away - Dennis DeYoung podcast #38

Dennis talks about how you properly mix different styles of music. He says mixing is the hardest thing about making records.


Come Sail Away - Dennis DeYoung episode #37

Dennis gives a quick recap of his Thanksgiving celebration. Then into the transition into our digital way of doing things, including how music is made nowadays.


Come Sail Away with Dennis DeYoung podcast #36

He talks about how fame and fortune changed his relationships with family and friends. Says he is no different even though he became "rock royalty."


Come Sail Away - Dennis DeYoung #35

Dennis continues his discussion of musical genres and recaps his opinions on death metal and punk. He goes more into punk, talking about The Clash.


Come Sail Away - Episode #34 - Dennis DeYoung

Dennis talks punk music, which he hated when it first came out in the late 70s. This was when STYX was just becoming mainstream. Punk was threatening their success, he had to hate it.

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